Re: Bug in 2.0b2

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:37:41 +0200 (MET DST)
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On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Craig A Summerhill wrote:

> I was a little disappointed with Daniel's earlier answer to my posting,
> and have discovered the beta 3 code does not include a fix for this.

Well, I stated my thoughts and you didn't contradict them. What should I believe?

> Hypermail is definately broken as far as I am concerned in regard to its
> parsing of unix mbox files. In fact, this is broken enough that I have
> pretty much decided not to use the software unless this code gets cleaned
> up...

The applied patch removes the "\n" from the "\nFrom " check for mail separation. The patch hopefully works for b3 and b2.

If this is what works best this is what should be done in future versions too.

> I don't have the time to modify C source code everytime a new release
> comes out

There's no need. If we would said NO to a patch supplied by you (which I doubt we would have if you (both) had cared to fully describe the problem) you could've kept the patch to yourself and applied it to all forthcoming releases.

I'm just saying you could've.

> much less debug additional problems which may arise.

Well, someone's gotta do it. Kent does it, I do it. We all depend on volountary labour for hypermail to develop into what we want.

> Having said that, it is entirely up to you, Daniel, and Kent, and the
> other people participating in this project to decide whether you want to
> spend the time to code for bugs that other people point out.

You think we find all bugs ourselves that we make corrections to? We certainly don't. I'm not even running the latest hypermail version myself but is 100% dependent on submitted bug reports.

> It is entirely within your discretion to decide not to spend your time to
> do so if somebody such as myself doesn't submit code.

There is something you have to understand. If there's a reader of this list that posts a new idea of how to do things, and I happened to respond saying that I didn't think it was a very good idea, and then there would be no more talking about the subject on the list. Would you consider that a "bug report" ? Would you say that was "a public request" for a change?

I don't. I trust you can and will motivate why things should be differently, and I expect the explanations to clear the fogs out of my brains before I say "Ooooh, *yes* let's do so!".

Like I've said in my respond to Zvi Har'El: "If that is what works, then of course we should do it that way".

I was wrong, and it took you ages to respond to my previous mail and say so.

> Just as it is entirely within my discretion to decide not to use
> hypermail if I feel it is an inferior product.

Of course.

> People don't have to be programmers to contribute significantly to the
> enhancement of a product.

I agree.

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